Aging Redefined

There is much to be debated about fitness and the aging. Over the next 3 decades we will be experiencing the largest group of elderly people in our society historically recorded. Trumping various publications on remedies of aging Americans, are findings documented in the US Department of Human Health and Services (2018). This report has revealed the parallels Americans face regarding physical activity and chronic health diseases.

The report highlights various physical activities considered in the American lifestyle (from sedentary – high intensity activity) and the physical health affects from each. For the first time this research (produced each decade) included the youth because of the rising health risks identified in sedentary activity. High intensity training is confirmed as a leading exercise lifestyle fit for everyone. However, their research only covered a 12-weeks controlled study, thus couldn’t reveal the truer revelations of HIIT.

HIIT is our lifestyle at BurnFit, and our documented research has revealed excellent results over the last 24 months.

Our HIIT, also known as Functional Training has been proven to create noticeable health benefits. At BurnFit, committed participants lose body fat and build lean muscle mass while strengthening their cardiovascular system. Our technique is not harmful to the muscular skeletal system like what we find can happen in activities such as CrossFit.

We have learned that one training technique is not fit for all

Our training techniques are a strategic compliment of exercises that can include isometric, plyometric, aerobic, interval and high intensity routines. We have learned that one training technique is not fit for all, thus each participant’s activity is more individualized specific to their fitness level. Our system personalizes the group training system and makes it functional for all ages and fitness levels.

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