BurnFit Madness 3.0 Results

BurnFit Madness 3.0 Final Results

BurnFit Madness 3.0 proved to be a huge success for those who participated in it.  Thank you for your efforts put forth in this annual challenge. We already are looking forward to a new challenge that will be introduced for Madness 4.0!

BurnFit Madness is designed to showcase the importance of balancing nutrition and fitness together for the best results. At BurnFit, we make it priority to share the importance of consistent functional training, balanced nutrition, and meeting your target biometric numbers. Each Madness Challenge is designed to help you discover your best efforts over 24 training days.

Congratulations Athletes


Brandon Clark: 3282
Brenda Louder: 2369
Briana Clark: 2067

Body Fat

Brandon Clark: -2.5 lbs
Misty Robinson: -2.1 lbs
Sue Reed: -1.60 lbs

Muscle Mass
Biggest Gains

Jordan Childs: 3.7 lbs
Sue Reed: 3 lbs
Haley Wright: 1.4 lbs

Biggest Losers

Karen Donnelly: -4.5 inches
Brenda Lounder: -3.1 inches
Haley Wright: -2.7 inches


Morning Team 3: 21650
Evening Team 3: 21026
Morning Team 1: 10300

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