So you want a FLATTER STOMACH?

Will sit-ups and crunches give me a flatter stomach?

Flat abs NO.

Neither sit-ups nor crunches produce a flatter stomach.

Why Not?

When it comes to exercise, there is no form for spot reduction activities to reduce fat from specific areas of the  body. Ab focused exercises strengthen the body, BUT they do not get rid of the fat layer that covers those abs.

So What Must You Do?

Cardiovascular exercises do burn overall body fat, including that layer of fat covering the abs. Cardiovascular exercises are defined as walking, running, and aerobics.  More recently, studies have revealed that when the correct  mix of these exercises are applied to a workout within intervals and circuits, the body can burn substantially more visceral body fat.  That’s a very important finding.

BurnFit’s approach to fitness has successfully helped members shave off impressive amounts of visceral body fat as well as subcutaneous body fat, safely and effectively. Our functional training workouts are designed specifically to help members attain the proper burn zone with a mix of both cardio and strength condition exercises.  We coach proper nutrition intake in combination with our exercise techniques to gain results.  Our nutrition and fitness training is designed for all age groups. Visit us TODAY.  Make fitness a lifestyle – live life abundantly.

Our members experience success without impeding their normal life schedule.  Just 30 minutes of BurnFit training 3-5 days per week is a great way to change your wellness.

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